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DASH for the STASH
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DASH for the STASH - Contest Rules

For a chance to win the $150 IRA contribution, you must answer all four quiz questions correctly and, within two weeks, respond to the DASH team and confirm eligibility to contribute to an IRA for 2017. (For eligibility rules, check Winner will not receive cash nor any other form of payment in lieu of the IRA contribution. Contest is open for seven months from April 1-October 31, 2017 with one winner chosen each month. The 2017 DASH program also offers an in-person version of the contest hosted by select locations in participating jurisdictions (Alaska, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and District of Columbia). In the in-person version, participants have a chance to win a $1,000 IRA contribution. Individuals can participate in both the online version and the poster version but can only win once. National DASH program organizers, State DASH program sponsors and previous DASH program winners are not eligible to enter the contest or receive the $150 IRA contribution.
Copyright © 2017. DASH for the STASH is an educational program from the Investor Protection Institute.

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DASH for the STASH - Instructions

There are 4 levels in this game. When you reach the door at the end of each level, you will have to answer a question to move on to the next level.

Collect coins and nuts along the way to reach higher scores. When you get to the question at the end of a level, you can click on the Help button to learn more about the topic before answering.

Answering questions correctly will earn you the most points.

Press the Right/Left keys to move and the Up button to jump. When using a desktop computer, the game is best played using the Left/Right and Up keys on your keyboard.

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DASH for the STASH

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